Ali Juma Law Firm & Legal Consultancy

Ali Juma Law Firm & Legal Consultancy is an outstanding legal institution for legal representation, consultancy, and comprehensive local and international legal services.  Its main business center is in Ajman, United Arab Emirates.  It was founded by a group of legal consultants who worked in UAE Judiciary and Courts.

The founder of the office is Consultant Ali Juma al-Ketbi, a law expert with 22-year relevant work experience who has worked in the judicial field as a judge in the UAE Courts of Appeal, the fact that makes this Firm as one of the most trusted law firms both in the UAE and the Middle East.

The Firm also comprises a team of many local lawyers and legal consultants with high degree of legal and professional qualification and experience. They operate in conjunction in various fields of law and basic legal advice for several sites covering all courts in UAE.  Thanks to its business volume, diversity of its business fields and for its advanced technological resources, the Firm provides all legal services to individuals and institutions of all business volumes on all local, national and international matters.

The lawyers and experts at Ali Juma Al Ketbi Law Firm & Legal Consultancy are committed to observance of the highest quality standards in performance of service and legal work. Moreover, the Firm has gained wide respect for its deep knowledge of the legal field characteristics and the ability to meet client needs, as well as the efficiency and flexibility of work. The primary focus of the Firm is identification of options available to our clients and the risks they might encounter in any project, guiding and enabling them to make the best appropriate decisions in order to secure their position and in the same time protect their business and activities.

The Firm's client base includes large, emerging and mid-sized companies, national bodies and financial institutions, as well as individual and traders. Our Firm offers innovative solutions and sound legal advice compliant with the UAE legal system to achieve the best results in all stages of business growth, from the requirements of complex financial transactions, securities transactions to Intellectual Properties Rights Management systems.


Close cooperation between the Firm's departments ensures that we maintain reasonable positions and make sound decisions in order to fulfill the needs of our clients and to ensure legal protection for them and for their commercial activities.

In addition, our Firm offers its services to its clients wherever they are, through a wide network of participants and law firms in the most important legal centers in the Country to ensure that client receive the best solutions and the highest possible quality.